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November 09, 2017

10 Ways Property Investing Has Changed Since The 1990s


If you still think property investment means pulling a house off the shelf and popping a tenant in, it’s time to think again.

1. Increasing prices - Property prices have grown exponentially since the early 1990s, when Australia was struggling through a grim recession. 

2. Steadily reducing interest rates - As prices have spiked, so interest rates have been on a downward trajectory over the last 20 years. With interest rates in 2017 at an all-time low, there’s never been a better time to invest in property.

3. Home ownership down, rentals up - Back in the 1980s and 1990s, investors worried about finding tenants for their property. A steady reduction in home ownership and corresponding increase in renting has, however, solved that problem for today’s property investors. 

4. Expanding population - From a total of 10.4 million people in 1960, Australia recorded a population of 24.1 million on 30 June 2016, according to Trading Economics. With births outstripping deaths and a net gain of one international migrant every two minutes the opportunities are ripe for astute investors.

5. City apartment glut - Inner city apartments in several of Australia’s biggest cities are experiencing an over-supply which is forcing prices down, as reported by news.com.au in January 2017. 

6. Rise of regional areas - With new, more affordable suburbs and ‘satellite cities’ springing up around traditional centres of employment, the game has changed for property investors keen to spend their money wisely.

7. Infrastructure boom - An explosion of infrastructure serves these expanding areas, made up of new roads, freeways and rail links. 

8. Vast choice of property styles -  The choice of investment properties available today is staggering, with a huge growth in cashflow positive options which help you pay down your mortgage with enough over to invest in another property.

9. Interstate options - Property investors are increasingly looking interstate for the most profitable opportunities. 

10. The rise of Airbnb - Those interested in capturing the tourist market no longer have to rely on advertising for holiday tenants via traditional channels with the growth of Airbnb, the online accommodation phenomenon.

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