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May 24, 2016

Too poor to retire: More Australians than ever will work past 70

Don't let this be you!

More Australians than ever before intend to work beyond 70, as Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers fear they lack the financial security needed to retire any sooner.
The findings, which come as the Turnbull government weighs superannuation reform in the May budget, have sparked fresh concerns that a comfortable retirement is now "out of reach" for hundreds of thousands of low-income earners.
An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the number of over-45s who say they will not...


September 01, 2015


It’s easy to be confident when stocks or property prices are going up. But when you read negative news like unemployment rates rising or property prices falling, it’s easy to lose confidence. Here are some tips on remaining confident, no matter what the headlines say. Have a positive mindset With confidence things seem more achievable. Just like getting in the right mindset or a job interview or overcoming a personal challenge. It’s no different with investing. Investing with a fear...


July 30, 2015

Investment Budgeting

Smart Tip

Many of us budget for our car, entertainment, home, insurance, holiday, utilities, and spending expenses… but how many landlords have budgeted for their investment property expenses? Not just repairs and maintenance, but improvements and renovations on the big items that wear out and depreciate over time… An investment property is just like a car. A car needs a regular service, oil change, replacement of spark plugs or a battery and attention to cleaning inside and out. Then there are...


June 18, 2015

Why do we need property managers?

Handling your own tenants is much like cutting your own hair – it’s difficult and the end result would be much better off handled by a real professional.

Property managers play a larger role than some might think and often it’s the behind the scenes work that people underestimate. If an owner’s pool of tenants makes managing the kids in Cheaper by the Dozen seem like a breeze, it illustrates the complexities of the details that real estate agents deal with every day.