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Andrew Rogato

Andrew Rogato

Licensed Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer

 Andrew Rogato was born and bred in Mareeba and has lived here his entire life; running a tobacco farm before his wife Aurelia convinced him to try his hand at real estate…that was 13 years ago, and he hasn’t looked back!

With his strong rural background Andrew has established himself as very credible Agent specialising in large to small acreage properties, selling everything from huge rural holdings down to 5 acre lifestyle blocks.

Andrew is a fully licensed Auctioneer and licensed Real Estate Agent and is a true believer in the Auction process as one of the most effective ways to secure the optimum result for the seller by creating urgency through the setting of a deadline, as well as a competitive environment…and his impressive results are testament to that this works very well.

People warm to Andrew and he is able to establish trust easily and quickly, and his friendly demeanour, attentive style and detailed approach bring much repeat business.  His farming background and knowledge is a huge asset when dealing with rural property holders and buyers, and his passion for his community is evident when you meet him…’he walks the walk and talks the talk’. 

The transition from farming to property has been a huge success for me, and I believe it’s partly the good old-fashioned service a family-run independent agency gives, along with sheer hard work and going the extra mile to get the best possible outcome. 

I’m a ‘doer’, I’m not afraid of rolling my sleeves up and embracing a challenge, and I won’t give anyone false hope.  I am honest with my clients, and ultimately that is always appreciated – I can secure a result for them and I will work with them to achieve success, without compromising my integrity or patronising them with false promises or unrealistic expectations. 

Andrew and Aurelia are well-known within their local community and live on acreage just outside of town with their two daughters who love horse-riding and all the joys of country life in this beautiful region.